The Departure of Freefall Drummer – Abdulaziz Baqir

With huge sadness we announce the departure of our drummer Abdulaziz Baqir who for three years was a close friend and always will be, a spectacular musician, and a big help since joining Freefall in late 2009. Abdulaziz Baqir came in the band after hearing our originals before we recorded them and straight away got in to business of recording tracks of our latest album such as “The Mirage”, “Tinman’s Tinted Love” and “Breath Away”. The most memorable moment for us with Abdulaziz Baqir was winning the Middle East Battle of the Bands in Dubai 2011 and how such achievement could only be won with people as dedicated as Abdulaziz Baqir. Thanks so so much bro and don’t forget to meet us this Saturday for “Sheesha” to discuss the poor result of AC Milan Team ;p

CHEERS 3azooz

Abdulaziz Baqir Biography

To be born listing to pure Arabic songs that peak the Gulf Charts, and with subjects that only speak about “Love”, “Hate”, “Cheating” and “Loneliness” which were the ONLY subjects (and still is) in the majority of these “hit” songs, came a guy that had one normal ear and another that only listens to METAL!!! Not the teacher while shouting out the final high school grades, not the father when telling him to stop playing his drum at 3AM, but pure METAL!!!
Aziz, met with the band while filling in for us in one of our important shows and liked what he heard (thank god!!!) even when we didn’t play metal at the time. He was a member (and still is) of the local band Bike’s & Daps which he makes an effort to juggle two bands at once with maximum effort in ensuring that he gave his best always for both bands.

When Freefall were on writing/recording “Breath Away”, “The Mirage” and “Tinman’s Tinted Love”, Aziz laid down the drums for the tracks which that turned out to be awesome!!!


2 responses

  1. Ruth Harrison

    Blessings always…love from the Harrisons X

    January 19, 2012 at 5:35 pm

  2. Ashjan

    7safa why 3zooz u were doiing well ?

    January 30, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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