Freefall is the successful culmination of raw talent coming from diverse facets of Kuwait’s cosmopolitan music scene. Most of the band first met when playing in separate bands during K-town’s Music and Art Festival, 2006. During the feature competition (a Battle of the Bands) these musicians saw the potential in creating a new rock band that could give professional-quality performances in and around Kuwait. Hence, the band formed in December, 2006 and has been steadily preparing themselves to perform live together for the first time in the months to come. The band is drawing from the years of experience and diverse backgrounds offered by some of its members. Dan, having performed live for audiences in the US—but usually as a solo artist playing his own brand of southern folk rock—offers a unique rock-style voice and performance that gets the audience’s attention; his success in Kuwait has included playing for the US Embassy in Kuwait as well as for Kuwait’s Royal Family. Humoud is a British-Kuwaiti who has prided himself in being heavily influenced by classic rock legends like Pink Floyd and Zeppelin, and has an amazing ability to make any song sound professional with his angelic voice and guitar playing abilities. His previous band, KB, were under an Arabic label picked up a slew of awards during the recent K-town Music and Art Festival, further affirming his niche for quality as a professional musician in both Arabic and English styles of rock.

Aziz has been a regular stand-in drummer for a lot of bands and played a lot of successful local rock group, playing in several venues around the country. This get-the-job-done attitude and wonderful stage presence during his life performances have added another notch of strength to Freefall’s future success. Also, Hamad “T-Rex” has not had much live experience. This is in fact his first official band, but has already brought a tremendous sense of freshness to the group with his teaching ability and flexibility. Mohammed Sadiqi, however, is no stranger to the local music scene. He is a veteran of the Hard Rock and symphonic genre, and in a short period of time he has become a lead guitarist that many is talking about. His incredible musicianship with the guitar makes him a gem when it comes to pulling together an incredible sound, and his stage performances always leave the crowd begging for encore after encore. Together, Dan, Humoud, Aziz, Hamad, and Sadiqi make up a dream-team of bands—Freefall. Their unique ability to play just about any style of rock, ranging from the classics, to the 1980s and 1990s, to pop rock and new metal, Freefall has the potential to rise above any other local band and perhaps rival some of today’s popular semi-professional bands from the United States. And their ability to project a powerful stage presence during their live performance’s augments they’re already professional-like sound.

Today Freefall have played and performed in numerous venues and festival in Kuwait, Bahrain and in Dubai and they are considered a new talent emerging from the quite rock scene in Kuwait. Also, Freefall has released their first titled album “Nostalgic Vibes & Wired Virtues” which will available in Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Lebanon and Cairo distributed by ARM Music Company – Dubai.

Current Members

Mohammed Sadigi

I was invited one day to a friend’s house one afternoon to have a dual jam and at the time small numbers of good guitarists were known in Kuwait and very few of them played in a band, so to find a good decent guitarist is like trying to find a job that pays over 1000 K.D with only a high school degree!!!

At the time, Freefall wasn’t established yet, and it was just my acoustic guitar and my supple voice trying to find a right path to go on from. After the departure of Adam Ayesh, and a few good guitarists that auditioned, we just couldn’t find the right guy that could fit our style and could musically be flexible due to our varied approach to each gig/show. We used to (and still do) check and make sure what kind of audience are attending and really be very picky in our song choices whether it’s an original or a cover song.

I remember after being without a lead guitarist for over a year, with only us three (Dan, Tamimi, and Humoud), we had to really start thinking of whom would be the right guy to fill the gap, then I remembered that dual jam I had two or three years ago!!!

It was Mohammed Sadigi, my friend’s little brother. My friend and I remember were jamming to some songs and riffs when his little brother (Mohammed who was about 16 years old at the time) came in and started jamming with us. I first started with a guitar in 1998 because I heard Pink Floyd – “Wish you were” Here and from then on I just wanted to play like David Gilmour, but Mohammed at the time was 16 and just been playing the strings for two years. The guy was playing Joe Satriani – Summer Song, The Extremist and Metallica – Master of Puppets in pure accuracy!!!

After three hours of mental searching for a good replacement, I remembered my encounter with Mohammed three years ago and said to Dan and Tamimi “I know the right guy!” so I called his big brother right away and he said that his little brother (who is now 19 by then) is still jamming alone like hell in his bedroom every day for three to four hours (Knock on wood).

We arranged a jam meeting and gave him Black Sabbath – War Pigs, a Freefall original – Lost in a Box and something else….I can’t remember…the guy nailed them and on the spot we said yes and arranged for him to record the solo on our original “Tic Tic Toc” the following week!!! And from then on, he was the lead guitarist for Freefall.

To avoid being big headed Mohamed, you are lucky to be with us also 😀


If you see a white Chevrolet – Tahoe strolling around Al-Qurain “County” with a small sticker on the back that says: “T-REX” in silver color, then be sure that the guy driving it is Freefall bassist Hamad.

I met Hamad when my little brother introduced me to him while practicing back in 2008. He was this big 20 years old boy that you would have of thought he is a nerd at school!!!

I remember the band having a break for 10 minutes and Hamad just approached the bass guitar, sat down and started playing!!! For me, I have never seen anything like it, he was a natural.

After the departure of Tamimi, me and Sadigi approached Hamad to see if he is interested in being Freefall’s bassist. The reply was positive. The good thing about Hamad is that he liked our music and had many ideas to how he would contribute to the band musically. Since then, Hamad is the core of this band mentally and overly.


After the departure of our previous drummer Aziz Baqir a month ago, we have recruited the 24 year old Hosam, he has been previously linked with the local band “Bunch of Me”. With his technical abilities and his progressive style of drumming, Hosam have already put his final touches on the first song in our new album “Am I You”. Good luck Hosam and welcome aboard 🙂